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The blog is back...

When I first started The Adjunct Writing Prof blog back in 2010 or so, it was just a place for me to share stories about being in the (mostly) Community College classroom, and sharing all the new techniques and composition pedagogy theory I was absorbing through Portland State University. Life intervened, as it will, and I pulled it down.

Since then I've moved across the country... and am still teaching composition! Also tv writing, technical and professional writing, and game story development. And done quite a bit of training in online pedagogy in general and OWI (online writing instruction) specifically.

So now here we are, higher education meets pandemic, and my fellow adjuncts (and full time colleagues) and I are scrambling to make sense of what's happening.

Which is why I thought I'd bring back the blog... updated for 2020's online pedagogical reality.

I want to share tips and links and theory and stories from the synchronous and asynchronous classroom, in hopes that it will help other instructors. I'd love to hear from faculty (and anybody else who's interested) -- questions, tips, sharing... all of that.

Here we go again! (and by the way, this is Button, my cross-eyed helper who hates Zoom classes!)

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