Add Google Drive to any LMS

Let’s face it – our freshmen live Google lives. And not just for doing research. Most of them grew up with Google Classroom, and the pandemic lockdown remote learning era we’re in just reinforced how omnipresent it truly is. They know Google Drives, Google Docs, Google Chat, etc etc etc. More than that, they know how to use them without even thinking about it.

Except now they’re in college and, for a lot of us in higher ed, there is no Google Classroom. My own school won’t let us use it. Nope. We’re stuck with a variety of Learning Management Systems (LMS), some good, some not so much. Which would be fine except when it comes to collaborating on group assignments or giving peer feedback and workshopping.

Solution? Add a Google Drive to your LMS. They all have a way to add a weblink to their navigation system. The trick is access and privacy. So here’s what to do:

  1. Yes, get a new Google email account. I’ve got about six at this point. Use it just for classroom stuff.

  2. Create a folder for each class.

  3. Get the share link for that folder and put it in the appropriate spot in your LMS.

And this is where it gets tricky. Pictures to the rescue!

Here’s the folder for one of my current classes – yes, each student has a folder but it’s a small class and there are reasons... The folder name is FGSC Fall 2020.

What’s important here is that little down arrow next to the folder name. Click on it and go to Get Link in the dropdown menu. You’ll see this:



You’re just interested in the Get Link part. Now.. you need to click on the down arrow next to Restricted and click on “Anyone with the link.”

A new drop down menu should suddenly appear on the right with the word “Viewer.” Click on the little arrow and select “Editor.” The Get Link area should now look like this:

Now all you do is copy the link and use that for the URL of the navigation item or link that you’re creating in your LMS. The privacy issue is taken care of because only people registered in your LMS will be able to get to the folder.

And that’s it! Whoever clicks on the navigation tab will automatically go the folder AND be able to upload files, edit what’s there, work together, leave Comments for other students. I use it to leave Comments as well (although the grade is for the Grade Book obviously).

Hope this helps!

[image: Today's latte, Google Drive by Yuko Honda]

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