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I've been a writer and writing teacher since, well, forever. Started out with personal essays, and then segued into technical writing, medical writing/editing, film reviewing, running a corporate communications firm with two other women, and ending up with a dozen years in Los Angeles as a writer-producer of television drama. Now I teach writing -- first year writing, professional and technical writing, game story development, tv writing. I either can't hold down a job, or writing and teaching present me with so many, varied experiences that I just keep doing it.

I'll take the latter.

I've taught at a lot of places, including the UCLA Extension Writers Program, Portland State University, Chemeketa (Oregon) Community College, The Art Institute of Portland, and The Northwest Film Center. Currently, I teach at City University's New York City College of Technology and the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema.

In my tv writing career, I served on the staffs of such shows as Diagnosis Murder, Martial Law, and VR.5, as well as some freelance scripts for very very forgettable series. I've also written several screenplays, and had a couple optioned... which in Film Biz English means they never got made. No loss.

My students have been published, and have been accepted into and won awards at numerous film festivals. I've also been a script consultant for things like Susan Hess Logeais’ independent feature, Not Dead Yet, which won first prize at the Baltimore Women’s Film Festival, and have done a lot of script consulting over the years, including being a reader for small independent production companies in LA after being trained as a reader at the AFI.

Education? Way too much. I have a BA and MA in English and an MFA in Screenwriting. And I'm part of that 84% of PhD students who finish just short of the degree. I've also served on numerous judging panels, including The Student Academy Awards, The Television Academy Summer Internship Program, and POWFest (Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival). In addition, her personal essays and film criticism have appeared in such places as The Wall Street Journal and The Austin Chronicle.

And btw, the picture is of my Yellow Lab, Ceilidh (which means party), in the water treadmill. 

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